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Advertise Blair Athol whisky to a younger target group.


Millennials face a lot of struggles. Not being able to drink Whisky without making 'The Whisky Face' is one of them.


Show Scottish millennials that nothing good in life comes easy. 


Posters are going to be located at places where millennials often go to or by during their daily routine, such as: bus stops, pubs,  clubs,  around universities and coffee shops.


The commercial shows millennials struggling on their day-to-day activities in slow motion with sad background music.

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Social media

We'll introduce filters on Instagram and Snapchat where our target audience can recreate their own Whisky Face.

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We'll first launch the commercial and a 'Whisky Face competition' on social media to create awareness and interaction. 

Then we'll start "teaching millennials" how to appreciate Whisky.
In baby steps, because nothing good comes easy.

Beer coasters

Beer coasters will be placed at bars and club.

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Pub quiz

iPads are going to be located in pubs and nightclubs that are frequented by millennials. They are going to have the opportunity to choose their 'ideal struggles' and they are going to generate their ideal whisky drink.

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